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Youth Commission Meeting - May 1, 2019 - Thousand Oaks, CA

empower the lives of California’s youth

Our mission is to improve and empower the lives of California’s youth.


CCY is a statewide, grassroots nonprofit organization that serves disconnected youth ages 12-24 throughout the state. ... Our vision is that every youth in California is connected to the services, resources, support and programs they need to have successful lives.

 CCY is a statewide, grassroots nonprofit organization that serves disconnected youth ages 12-24 throughout the state. Our membership consists of youth, youth advocates, and youth-serving agencies. CCY is governed by a statewide Board of Directors representing youth-focused programs and organizations, youth and other individuals interested in advancing our mission. Our vision is that every youth in California is connected to the services, resources, support and programs they need to have successful lives. 

CA Youth Commissions and Councils



What is a Youth Commission?

A youth commission is a body of local young people, between the ages of 12 and 24, who offer guidance to cities, counties, and special districts on issues affecting youth. Youth commissions, also referred to as committees, councils, task forces, or advisory boards, can make recommendations to a city council or board of supervisors as well as create their own youth master plans. Commissioners are encouraged to initiate educational campaigns, organize conferences, and plan community events around youth issues (i.e. education, public safety, community engagement).

Being a member of a youth commission allows for professional development, encouraging young people to pursue a career in the public sector and participate in local civic activities. They are a resource that provides youth a voice in the political process and community input for local government. When a city, county, or special district creates a youth commission, they are investing in a new generation of public employees and change agents.

Ballot Measures and Campaigns Beacon Program Budgeting and Financial Management Children and Youth


 A growing number of local agencies are experimenting with different kinds of technology to enhance their public meetings or workshops. Their goals may be to broaden participation, accelerate progress on decision making or create a “safe space” for feedback on contentious issues. Some are especially excited about online public participation software. These articles and tip sheets are intended to help local officials both select and implement these tools in a way that may help more fully achieve the goal of more inclusive participation. 

The Civic and Political Significance of Online Participatory Cultures among Youth Transitioning to A



This working paper from Youth & Participatory Politics examines youth engagement in nonpolitical online participatory cultures as a gateway to participation in important aspects of civic and political life. Youth & Participatory Politics is an interdisciplinary network of scholars working together to understand the ways youth participation in online networks is shaping and reshaping youth civic and political engagement in the public sphere.

California YMCA Youth & Government



The Youth & Government program is a six-month program in which high-school aged delegates (9th-12th grades) learn about California’s government and the changes they can make in their communities. Students will role-play various positions of the California State Legislature and the State Court systems. Students participate by joining their high school delegation and attending weekly meetings where they discuss issues facing California and the ways the legislative and judicial branches can effect change.

Within their delegations students may have the opportunity to:

  • Create bills
  • Research and practice court cases
  • Attend Model Legislature & Court conferences

Strategic Plan for Children, Youth and Families



The City of Irvine strives to create a safe community where children, youth and families thrive emotionally, physically, academically and socially.

The Irvine Children, Youth and Families Advisory Committee meets quarterly to review and evaluate the City of Irvine's Strategic Plan for Children, Youth and Families. Meetings are held 5:30 p.m. Wednesdays at Irvine Civic Center.

Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council


 The Youth Advisory Council is made up of representatives from each high school in the district. High schools include public, private, and continuation. The youth meet on a monthly basis to conduct business regarding youth issues in the county. The council was created by the Board of Supervisors in order for the youth in Riverside County to have a voice in the decision making process. This council creates a channel for which the youth in the county can be heard, and more importantly listened to. The Youth Advisory Council is a part of the Youth Commission. The Youth Commission is made up of one representative from each Supervisorial council in the county. Being that Riverside County has five districts; the Youth Commission is made up of one member from each council. The five-member commission meets at least quarterly. 

Youth Advisory Committee



Sacramento – Today, Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes (D-San Bernardino) introduced the 47th Assembly District Youth Advisory Committee program. The Youth Advisory Committee is a yearlong program to provide high school students living in the 47th District with leadership development training and an opportunity to discuss important youth related issues occurring in the community.

“Our young people are the next generation of leaders that will contend with the emerging challenges facing our region and state for years to come.  That is why it is so important that they are engaged in their community and develop the leadership skills necessary to make a positive impact in their neighborhoods and the 47th Assembly District,” said Assemblymember Reyes.

The committee will meet on a monthly basis to discuss important issues around the district and the state. Among other program requirements, participants will advise Assemblymember Reyes on youth related issues in the district.  The committee will also have the opportunity to visit the State Capitol in Sacramento.

The application can be found on the Assemblymember’s website https://a47.asmdc.org/youth-advisory-committee. The deadline to apply is February 10, 2017. Interviews will be conducted the week of February 13th and the program’s orientation will be March 4th.

Youth Advisory Council Application



Seeking Applicants for the 59th District Legislative Youth Advisory Council

You have been personally invited to join the inaugural 59th District Legislative Youth Advisory Council. This cohort will consist of student leaders from all high schools in Assembly District 59. Our mission is "To encourage young people in the 59th Assembly District of California to actively participate in public policy and gain legislative experience to solve issues that plan for the future of our district and our state."

This opportunity will offer insights to local, state and national issues, yielding opportunities to potential career and educational paths as a public servant. Each session will focus on different issues aimed towards youth empowerment to develop the next generation of California leaders.

Should you choose to participate, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Learn the legislative framework of writing a resolution and/or an Assembly bill
  • Learn how to lobby, advocate, and support legislation
  • Engage in deep, thoughtful, and productive conversation directly with the Assemblymember
  • Offer feedback, recommendations and solutions to challenges facing the community The program will commence in October/November 2018 and will culminate with a graduation ceremony in May 2019.

Establishing a Youth Advisory Council - Global Innovation Exchange


 experience with Youth Advisory Councils helped to inform this guide: ▷ Amanda Hope ... Nicole Traverso, HandsOn Central California. ▷ Khela Singer ..... nonprofit organization may require a larger council with a diverse ..... operating on a state-wide or national level, try to select students from different cities and states

California School-Based Health Alliance.



Why Student Mental Health Matters

Unmet mental health needs rank among the most pressing concerns for California educators, directly affecting student attendance, behavior and readiness to learn.1

Students with unmet mental health needs have worse educational outcomes than students who are receiving appropriate treatment and support. In the classroom, teachers report “disruptive behavior [by students with mental health disorders] and their lack of information and training in mental health issues as major barriers to instruction.”2


Youth Advisory Board



What it takes to be a Youth Advisory Board Member:

Youth Advisory Board members (YAB’ers) are middle and high school students from across Los Angeles who are interested in becoming more involved in their school and communities. YAB’ers work to improve their skills and grow their voices to improve the health (Mental, Physical, and more) of those around them. As a YAB’er, you will be pushed to look past simple solutions for issues and take on problems from their roots. Members of the board will also provide feedback on programs for The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health. Most importantly, YAB’ers are open to new ideas, new people, and new opportunities.

Also, this is an amazing way to meet your community service hours, something to add to your resume for college, and open doors for your future success.



The Power of the Youth Vote | Mindy Romero | TEDxUCDavis

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